Sean Kang – FRM Part I Nov 2017


I passed my FRM Part 1 exam. PrepSmarter was my main preparation material, and I am glad I chose it.

Why did you choose to pursue FRM Part I?

I am a CFA level III candidate and wanted to learn more about the quantitative aspect of risk management.

How did you prepare?

I had less than 3 months to prepare for the FRM Part I exam. So, I just went over the curriculum with the help of Schweser notes and practiced more than 1000 questions on PrepSmarter. The big data analytics is a smart way to find candidates’ weaknesses and helps you work on them with the help of reviewing techniques. Also, enabling discussion among users is very nice as well. Question quality is very challenging and helpful and if you score high early on certain easier topic areas, you get less questions from them since you have attempted less incorrect questions and you get more in the areas you are weaker at.

What next? Where are you headed?

I am writing CFA level III exam in June and will be moving forward with FRM Part 2 in November.

PrepSmarter Usage Metrics

Subscription Determined
Total Visits 216
Total Questions 1339
Correct 879 (65.6%)
Incorrect 460 (34.4%)


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