Neha Sule – FRM Part II Nov 2017


I am Neha Sule, Chartered Accountant by profession. I have cleared FRM Part II examination held on Nov 2017. I would like to share my success story with you.

Why did I choose to pursue FRM?

FRM for me was a financial Wikipedia for risk management. It provides niche specialization in the field of finance with concentration on topics for credit risk management, market risk management and operational risk management.

How did you prepare?

Starting your study early is the key of all the things that you can do. Taking quick notes, revising the topics thoroughly and lot of emphasis has to be given on solving practice exams and mock tests once you are prepared and done with the study.

I studied from the Study Notes provided by the Institute and practice questions (chapter wise) as well as Mock exams from PrepSmarter. I would highly recommend it as it helped me in calculative and disciplined practice for examination. Also, the difficulty of the questions was apt (as compared to the FRM level for the examination). I have solved 8 full mock tests that I had opted for from PrepSmarter and that made a huge difference in gaining confidence and check my preparation level. Chapter wise questions gave me proper understanding of each topic studied.

What next? Where are you headed?

After attaining FRM certification I have started for certification in CFA. I would be looking for jobs wherein credit risk management skills are recognized. I have used PrepSmarter for FRM examination and I will be using it for CFA certification as well.

PrepSmarter Usage Metrics

Subscription Determined
Total Visits 125
Total Questions 2009
Correct 1193 (59.3%)
Incorrect 816 (40.7%)


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