Jonny Ho – FRM Part II Nov 2017


I choose FRM to enhance my career in risk management industry. Moreover, considering there are still a few FRM in Indonesia, the certification will surely help my personal ambition and succeed in this field.

My Strategies

PrepSmarter helped me a lot because of its huge questions database and motivation to practice more and more every day. It also displayed the areas where I am good at and also my weakness and automatically provided more work on those topics.

I would recommend PrepSmarter if you want to have a platform that provides you with questions for each topic, Learning Objectives, and even each and every book. That being said, you just have to go through the study material at least once and then the questions will take it from there and your practice.

What’s Next?

FRM is not a magician stick that will take me to the top at one go. There are other factors as well like work ethic, hard work and excessive knowledge in this field which play most of the role. Mastering all these skills will surely take you great places.

PrepSmarter Usage Metrics

Subscription Determined
Total Visits 130
Total Questions 1774
Correct 1079 (60.8%)
Incorrect 695 (39.2%)

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