Hazem Bekhett – CIA Part 1 & Part 2 2017

How have you benefited from using PrepSmarter?

I am glad to inform you about my story of success as I passed CIA part 1 & 2 after much suffering and a lot of effort with the help of PrepSmarter, it was a great value add for me.

What are the two most significant improvements that you have seen while using PrepSmarter?

The two most significant improvements are:

1) I could focus narrowly on my points of weakness through PrepSmarters analytic reports of speed, accuracy and proficiency.

2) I was able to improve my weak points , it helped me more specially in some topics where I needed improvement and due to PrepSmarters adaptive nature I found myself gain more confidence in answering the questions.

What would you say to other candidates facing the same challenges as you did?

My advice for all is to study hard and try to understand how an internal auditor can use the concepts in his work environment , not just recall and remember the concept , hope for all to get success soon.

PrepSmarter Usage Metrics
Subscription Determined
Total Visits 114
Total Questions 2814
Correct 2390 (84.9%)
Incorrect 424 (15.1%)

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