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The CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is a designation offered by AICPA in partnership with NASBA and is one of the most respected and widely recognized certification in the field of Accounting. CPA designation is awarded after successfully clearing the Uniform CPA exam and fulfilling Work Experience requirements. The Uniform CPA exam is designed to test knowledge and skills of Accountancy. CPA exam has 4 sections: AUD, FAR, BEC and REG, candidate’s needs to pass all four exams in order to attain the CPA license.

Exam Format

CPA BEC Exam is of 4 hours and has 69 questions, out of which 62 multiple-choicequestions and 4 Task-based Simulation(To be Introduced from April 1, 2017) and 3 Written Communication Question. It’s a computer-based test (CBT) exam, which can be taken throughout the year in the specified testing windows at the assigned Prometric test center by your state.

All the four section can either be taken together or sequentially.

CPA also mandates that you clear all the four parts within 18 months of clearing the first exam.

CPA BEC Topics & Weights

CPA BEC Exam focuses corporate governance, economic concepts and analysis, financial management, information systems and communications, strategic planning, and operations management. One unique aspect of the BEC exam is that it requires the candidate to prepare and submit three Written Communication responses.

Topic Weight
Financial & Operations Management 31- 39%
Information Systems 15-19%
Corporate Governance 16-20%
Economic Concepts & Strategic Planning 26-34%

Important Dates

CPA exam is held in the first two months of every quarter of the year. They are called as “Testing Windows”. The third month in the quarter is called as “Blackout Month”. There are no exams conducted in Blackout month. March, June, September & December are known as Blackout Months.

Test Months 2017 Blackout Months 2017
Jan 1 – March 10 March 11 – March 31
April 1 – May 31 June
July 1 – Sep 10 Sep 11 – 30
Oct 1 – Dec 10 Dec 11 – 31

CPA Fee Structure

Application Fee*
(payable once)
$120 to $225
BEC Exam Fee $193.45

*Application fees varies from state to state.

  1. CPA Code of Professional Conduct
  2. Uniform CPA Exam Blueprints
  3. CPA Frequently Asked Questions

Study Material

  1. Becker CPA Exam Review
  2. Gleim CPA Exam Review
  3. Roger CPA Exam Review
  4. Wiley CPAexcel
  5. Surgent CPA Exam Review

Our takeGleim CPA Exam Review

Practice Material

  1. Gleim CPA Test Bank
  2. Wiley CPA Test Bank
  3. PrepSmarter

Our takePrepSmarter has 7,500+ toughest questions with the widest coverage, delivered over a resilient, adaptive platform.

Career Opportunities

CPA certification opens a wide variety of career opportunities in the field of Finance and Accounting. A CPA has knowledge about the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAS), US federal taxation and business laws which will give them an edge over other finance experts. With this extensive knowledge, CPAs can take their career forward in Forensic Accounting, International Accounting, Environmental Accounting, General Accounting, Tax Accounting and many more fields.

CPA is a great credential to have and it is very straightforward to obtain. Just follow a study plan, complete the readings on time, enroll in a practice platform and you’re good to go.

PS: If there are any resources we’ve missed, do let us know in your comments.

Best of luck.

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