CIA Pass Rate and Trends- Find Out The Latest Trends

CIA passing rate and trends
CIA passing rate and trends

The IIA’s Professional Certification Board has approved the publishing of certification Pass rates for the IIA Global Program.

That implies, IIA will update the program pass rate on an annual basis.

The CIA Passing percentage varies from year to year and it has traditionally fallen between (39-42%) from 2014 to 2016.

600 is the minimum score required to clear the exam. The score range is 250 to 750.IIA does not disclose the actual score to those who pass with the score 600 and above. As they believe that the candidates with a passing grade are equally qualified for the certification.

The following chart shows the Passing Trend from 2014-2016


Note: These are global pass rates. This means scores are reflective of all exams delivered in all countries, in all languages for exams delivered via computer-based testing (CBT). As mentioned by IIA

The following info-graphic shows the comparison of CIA passing trends with other certifications:


Keeping in mind that CIA is considered by many to be relatively easier than the certifications like CPA and CFA. However its passing rate has a different story to tell, it is lower than both CPA(45-55%) and CFA(43- 54%)

Our Observation:

CIA pass rates have been decreasing – As you can see from the chart above, In (2014) from 42% its come down to 40% in (2016).We believe that the content is vast and candidates forget the past material as they move forward. Candidates are advised to practice regularly and cumulatively.

Compared to other certification it’s difficult to clear CIA(and as it only focuses on internal auditing it often gives an impression that the exam would be easier.However, that’s not the case): We believe that the reason is overconfidence.Many candidates underestimate it and end up wasting both their time and money.

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