CFA level 1 2018 Curriculum Changes – Must know before taking CFA level 1 2018 Exam

CFA Level 1 Curriculum changes

CFA Institute regularly updates CFA Curriculum to keep it relevant.

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Here are the high-level changes for CFA Level 1 2018:

New Reading

One reading was completely rewritten and is essentially new for 2018 at CFA Level 1.

  • Introduction to Alternative Investments by Terri Duhon, George Spentzos, CFA, FSIP, and Scott D. Stewart, CFA (L1V6R58)

Dropped Readings

Two readings were removed from CFA Level 1 for 2018.

  • Dividends and Share Repurchases: Basics by George H. Troughton, PhD, CFA, and Gregory Noronha, PhD, CFA
  • Risk Management Applications of Option Strategies by Don M. Chance, PhD, CFA, Richard V. Eastin, PhD, and Gary L. Arbogast, CFA

Updates and Revisions

Two CFA Level 1 readings were revised for 2018:

  • Corporate Governance and ESG: An Introduction (L2V4R34)
  • Equity Valuation: Concepts and Basic Tools (L1V5R49)


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