The Ultimate CCRA Level 1 Study Plan highly favored among CCRA study groups


Congratulations! You’re on the right track. To conquer an exam like CCRA, you definitely need a study plan.

Here’s a recommended study plan, which has worked well with many CCRA candidates.

But don’t choose it just because it has worked for others. If you can’t commit to this plan, I strongly recommend you to create one that you can stick to. Here’s How to create a study plan and stick to it.

Download Study Plan

Make sure to fill the start and the end date according to your scheduled exam.

As you complete the topics, add them to your daily practice so you don’t forget past material as you move forward. Whenever you practice always remember that you just don’t practice the new topics you have recently studied, Practice questions which are a mix of new topic and previous topics that you have studied. That will enhance your learning and you will be well versed with the concept.

Discipline is the biggest differentiator between successful and unsuccessful candidates. That’s why study plan is essential, So, Create one and stick to it and you’ll definitely crack the exam.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post on our forum.

Best of luck and keep practicing!

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