Anshul Dubey – CFA Level I Dec 2017


My Road to CFA

I failed CA finals 4 times and was obviously depressed and dejected. One of my cousin introduced the term CFA amidst the crisis. At first, I saw the passing percentage which was definitely 13 times more than the passing percentage of CA finals from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. That obviously was a relief. I told my father that I want to quit Chartered Accountancy and want to pursue CFA. My dad was skeptical because of the recent trends of my failures in chartered accountancy. I pursued CFA because of the global recognition of this degree unlike Chartered Accountancy. With sheer determination, I enrolled myself for CFA level 1.

Hailing from a small city called Raipur in Chhattisgarh, India, there was hardly anyone who had ever heard of this course and I found myself to the lone warrior. I received my preparation material within a week. And then I used to sit hours in central library because I had only two months preparation time. I also had to quit my job. All the odds were against me.

My Strategies

I studied hard but then I felt that I’m not practicing enough because of the limited no. of questions available in Schweser material. I researched and found this app called PrepSmarter. I had 20 days for preparation, so I took the free access which is available for 7-days. I found the app very user friendly. And the description of the answers was precise and specific. And then I thought to subscribe for the paid version. I made the payment and started practicing the questions. With only 10 days to go, I was in dilemma whether to practice questions or revise the notes. I found it very difficult to manage revisions along with practice. And then on the exam day, deep down I knew I am not thoroughly prepared. And after approximately 2 months, I got my results, I failed for the 5th time consecutively (4 times in CA finals and 1st in CFA).

But that did not back me down. In the month of August, the very first thing I did was to enrol myself for December 2017, and then I purchased the paid subscription with access to unlimited no. of questions. I again started working with the very same bank I left 3 months back. I joined because till now I had lost everything; lost in the CA Finals, I had no job, and adding insult to the injury was that I failed CFA level 1. But I always believed in myself that I will bounce back.

I used to start my day with at least 30 questions of ethics on PrepSmarter. And then I used to leave my bed. While traveling to the office, or during my free time I used to practice questions from PrepSmarter. I thoroughly studied everything this time. I practiced approximately 3000 questions on PrepSmarter. With that amount of practice, on the exam date, I was confident that I will pass this time. But the moment I saw the questions of morning session, it was a straight yorker. I knew if I do well in this session, I will definitely carry the momentum in the afternoon session as well. Evening session questions were comparatively easier than the morning session.

Road to Success

I gave my best and when the results were out, I was very anxious. My mother and I were waiting for the result and the moment she saw congratulations, she started crying. I immediately checked my results and I was relieved. My hard work paid off. And the role of PrepSmarter was very vital. I still have a long way to go. I will start my preparation in next week for level 2. There is no doubt that PrepSmarter will be my practice companion since the very beginning this time as well. Kudos to the PrepSmarter team, you people have made our learning very effective and fruitful.

PrepSmarter Usage Metrics

Subscription Determined
Total Visits 529
Total Questions 3764
Correct 2069 (55.0%)
Incorrect 1695 (45.0%)


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