Alejandro Gómez – CFA Level I Dec 2017


I chose the CFA Exam as it prepares a candidate for both theory and practice for the financial services industry and it really improves your work as an financial analyst.

My Strategies

To be honest, I felt lost before I found out about PrepSmarter. I was studying from the Kaplan books but I was not practicing much, so it didn’t feel like I am improving and also felt demotivated. After I started using PrepSmarter, my motivation went up so did my understanding of the CFA curriculum. I found it very helpful and the way you can see the explanation of every question failed after you have answered having the ability to review and improve my performance helped me achieve better results.

What’s next?

I will definitely go for the CFA Level II in June 2018 and I hope PrepSmarter will help me as much as it did in level I.

PrepSmarter Usage Metrics

Subscription Determined
Total Visits 165
Total Questions 1952
Correct 1394 (71.4%)
Incorrect 558 (28.6%)


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