Ultimate CIA part 2 Study Plan – Popular among CIA Study Groups

CIA part 2 study plan
CIA part 2 study plan

Congratulations! You’re on the right track. To conquer an exam, you definitely need a study plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Before you create a study plan, you might want to read How to create a study plan and stick to it.

Create a plan that you can stick to. Don’t create too liberal a plan (12+ weeks) – you might procrastinate. Don’t create an ambitious plan (3- weeks) – you won’t internalize anything.

Here’s a recommended study plan, It is a 6 week plan.

CIA Part 2 Study Plan
CIA Part 2 Study Plan

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Make sure to fill the start and the end date according to your scheduled exam(below the weeks mentioned in the study plan).

As you complete the topics, add them to your daily practice so you don’t forget past material as you move forward.On an average try to practice 125 questions a day. Out of which keep the first 60-70 questions from a new topic (the topic of the day in your study plan), the rest of the questions should be from the previous topic that you had practiced before (and now are well-versed with).

So that in the beginning of the practice session you solve the new questions with a fresh mind and afterward when you tend to burn out a little (after those 69-70 questions) you won’t have to put too much pressure on your brain as you are well versed with the next series of questions.

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Best of luck!

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