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Our Mission

: Your success.

PrepSmarter is created to boost your knowledge retention. So you not only pass those tough exams but conquer them so that long after, when others have forgotten most of the concepts, you continue to apply them with confidence.

What is PrepSmarter?

PrepSmarter is the most advanced practice engine for top financial and accounting certifications.

Cognitive Science
Adaptive Learning

PrepSmarter dynamically addresses your knowledge gaps, increases knowledge retention and imparts solid confidence to apply new concepts on exams and beyond.

Why PrepSmarter?

You study a lot but chances are

30% within a day
90% within a month

of studying

Only way to overcome the human forgetting curve is to practice. And, successful people know - that practicing is more important than studying.

Sadly, learning is often identified with studying. That's why, a premium is placed on creating and delivering innovative content - condensed study notes, virtual classrooms, fancy infographics, beautiful videos, formula sheets, secret sauces, crash courses - what have you. And, for practice? Plain vanilla question banks.

PrepSmarter practice engine deploys the latest insights in cognitive science and adaptive learning to balance the scale so you don't miss out on a crucial part of learning - Practice.

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Who is behind PrepSmarter?

Including you. More you use the system, better it gets. Every candidate interaction refines our prediction engine.

When we were CFA candidates, we really missed a practice system like PrepSmarter. So we created it. We brought together great minds from industry and academia to create high quality practice questions and deliver an impeccable learning experience using an adaptive and, resilient technology infrastructure.